Premium 3D Body Cavities & Diaphragm Embryology

3D Visual Lecture series on the development of Body Cavities and Diaphragm

Course Summary

Body Cavities is one of the most difficult chapters of system-based embryology. The tricky concepts of body cavities development and formation of diaphragm have been described clearly using highly visual 3D and 2D illustrations and animations


  • 80+ minutes of on-demand highly visual lectures
  • Witty and comical mnemonics to help memorize faster
  • More than 20 Practice MCQs to improve retention
  • Basic concepts correlated with clinical knowledge to bridge the gap between theory and practice
  • Engaging and interesting video lectures
  • Closed captions/subtitles available with every video
  • Adjustable Playback speed. Watch at 1x, 1.5, 2x
  • No Ads
  • Lifetime access to the course

Course Curriculum

Dr. Aizaz

Dr. Aizaz is a medical doctor turned medical teacher having keen interests in Medical Sciences, Education, and Technology especially Computer Sciences. The blend of the three made him found “Medicovisual” where he has toiled hard to pursue intricate medical concepts using simple analogies, visual teaching, comical memorizations, and advanced technology.

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Ode Placode

Lectures are damnn amazing but theres a problem

Sir we need notes of these lectures... conceptual strengthening is not at all compromised in your wonderful blender artpieces, but we need to be able to revise these things... so my kind request to you is to provide notes with these lectures, even just the labelled screenshots would suffice to a great extent!! And Thanks a lot for these masterpieces !!

5 months ago
Muhammad Salman

Teaching methodology of embryology,

This is the ultimate source of learning embryology for beginners!

8 months ago
Youssef Ammar

Thank you for your efforts

An amazing illustration of topics that are very hard to imagine and visualize offered in an innovative and clear way

8 months ago
Alina Qazi

Alina Qazi

Thankyou so much! We need more teachers like you

9 months ago
Javeria Naeem

Embryology lecs

Amazing lecs I have never understand embryology in this wonderful way. Thanks for providing us with such amazing 3D lecs.

12 months ago

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, free preview lectures are available on our website as well as they are published on our YouTube channel.

We do not recommend any particular book(s). Our courses are made after sifting through many books and research articles. They will help you understand the concept delivered in your book(s). Use the book(s) you consider best or those are recommended to you by your institution or teacher. 

Closed Captions / Subtitles are provided with every video. You can click the CC button from the video player to turn on the subtitles

Lecture notes are not available as of now. They may be released later, but we can not comit. In that case, all the existing students enrolled in the course will get the access to those notes without paying any additional charges

These visual lectures are not made specifically for any exam in particular, including USMLE and PLAB. However, the knowldge and concepts acquired through these lecture will definitely help you to ace any medical examination in the world. They will also help you in your clinical practice.

These lectures are great for Doctors, Medical Students, Paramedics, Paramedical Students, Dentist, Dental Students and anyone generally interested in the topic of the lecture due to academic reasons or even due to personal inquisitiveness